What is ScheduleReader? How to open XER file without P6

ScheduleReader DCMA-14 Analysis | Akim Engineering

Figure 1: ScheduleReader DCMA-14

ScheduleReader is an extremely useful tool that enables you to open Oracle Primavera P6 *.XER project schedule files and let you report, print out, and as well as update progress easily. All you have to do is just double click on your Primavera .XER file and it is loaded read-only on your screen in a few seconds. Let ScheduleReader open your Oracle Primavera P6 XER projects.

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Schedule Reader Resource Stacked Histogram | Akim Engineering

Figure 2: ScheduleReader Resource Stacked Histogram

  • What is ScheduleReader
  • How to open XER files easily
  • Report your project by using ScheduleReader
  • Linear Scheduling
  • Update you project progress
  • Schedule Quality Check


Let ScheduleReader open your Oracle Primavera P6 XER projects

Primavera P6 Activity Network | Akim Engineering

Figure 3: ScheduleReader Relation Types

  1. Introduction to ScheduleReader
  2. Basic and PRO versions
  3. Using ScheduleReader for Importing Progress Update
  4. Request Deleting unneccessay activities
  5. Request adding activities
  6. Enter actual start, actual finish and remaining duration
  7. See trace logic and examine relatonships
  8. Group and Sort Primavera Schedule data
  9. Linear Scheduling Reporting
  10. Progress Update Mode
  11. View Financial Periods
  12. Auto Filters by Column
  13. Import Primavera Layout
  14. Open Primavera XER files in seconds


  • End Users
  • Project Manager
  • Schedulers
  • Business Analysts
  • Planners
  • Sub Contractors

Key Features of Schedule Reader Webinar

Understand ScheduleReader

Open Primavera XER Project

View, navigate, and print out in ScheduleReader

Compare Current versus baseline

View Primavera P6 calendars

View relationships

Schedule the project

View constraints

Format schedule data

View roles and resources

Update Project Progress

Enter Actual Dates

View resources

Filter Critical Path

Create custom reports

Auto Filter Activities as in Excel

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