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AKIM Engineering Consulting Company; as Primavera Specialized Oracle Gold Partner, established in 1993 and providing Primavera consulting and implementation & integration services as well as delivering internationally recognized Primavera certified trainings. AKIM Engineering is also providing Primavera software installation and technical/how-to support, Primavera help desk service and problem-solving regarding project management and planning with Oracle Primavera software. We do also provide official oracle primavera software licenses, as an Engineering and Construction Industry specialized company and work as Authorized Representative for Primavera products.

We are also experts in building Primavera baseline schedules as well as executing, updating, and reporting project schedules. We help customers to build PMO and learn/implement performing earned value management, resource capacity planning and resource leveling, project risk management, Monte Carlo risk simulation, delay analysis and claim management, ERP integration services in Oracle Primavera at their project environment. We also have experience in successfully integrating Oracle Primavera products into client organizations, significantly improving their project management and planning capabilities. Our internationally certified training classes address user adoption challenges by combining both tool use and project management & planning theory.


Akim Engineering | Oracle Primavera Experts Team


KIM Engineering is a team of professionals. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience in the ocean of Oracle Primavera, project management and planning, technical support etc. We enjoy the process of creating a project with Oracle Primavera from its start to its end - from a draft excel task list, all the way through building work breakdown structure, activities, relationships, resource and resource assignments to the approved baseline schedule, and then still on and on, providing our customers with superior support and guidance on the progress update and reporting process.

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Covid-19 and Primavera - Akim Engineering

Corona Pandemic Worlwide Declared by WHO

Since then, managing projects and resolving disputes on project delays is way much difficult than it is and Oracle Primavera P6 becomes the most needed tool ever.


What We Do

AKIM Engineering LLC is a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in various engineering disciplines and provide project management consulting services to our clients in different industries since 1993. AKIM MUHENDISLIK is also recognized as Official Primavera Products Representative and Oracle Certified Gold Partner, who are officially authorized to sell & distribute licenses, and deliver training, as well as provide consultancy services for all of the – Oracle Primavera Software

We do provide various professional consulting services including followings but not limited to:
  • Implementing new project management methodologies on customers’ business environment
  • Determining existing work processes and workflows, implementing new optimized improvements
  • Analyzing and assessing customers’ need, documenting situations, designing, and modeling solution
  • Instructing and lecturing the concept of Project Management in PMI Methodologies
  • Giving presentations and providing training courses for Oracle Primavera software
  • Creating elaborated project schedules with resource and cost loading in Primavera P6
  • Developing schedules according to United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) specifications
  • Preparing resource/cost loading reports in timescale, drawing early/late S-curves and histograms
  • Loading man-hours, equipment, and quantities as resource/cost to project schedules
  • Update project schedule according to site progress, comparing current versus baseline data
  • Monitoring and reporting delays, determining impacts on milestones and resources
  • Perform time impact analysis for claims, creating recovery schedules, updating baseline when needed
  • Creating project update reports to track progress on site weekly and monthly
  • Checking project health and performance via key performance indicators and another metrics
  • Optimize and improve schedule performance by adjusting resource efficiency
  • Calculate productivity rates depending on project performance as of data date
  • Documenting and reporting regularly project slippage and variances
  • Registering risk events, applying duration uncertainty, and performing Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Performing qualitative and quantitative project risk analysis, determining more realistic finish date
  • Recommending corrective and preventive actions to take for expediting project and mitigating risks
  • Preparing study contents, documents and instruction materials and illustrating issues on sample projects
  • Ensuring common understanding of basis and fundamentals of Project Management as a profession
  • Creating elaborated project schedules with resource and cost loading in Primavera P6
  • Creating, planning, executing, and monitoring project as a Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Helping customers to build and create proven methodologies from lessons learned
  • Resource and role-based requirement analysis, designing enterprise-wide solution architecture
  • Providing usage ('how to') and technical support for all versions of Primavera
  • Preparing study contents, documents, and instruction materials such as sample projects and exercises
  • Writing case studies for workshops, performing what if scenario analysis on lab classes
  • Presenting the concept of Project Management in PMI Methodologies as Project Management Professional
  • Recommending corrective and preventive actions to take for expediting project and mitigating risks
  • Controlling and verifying changes to prevent discrepancies by comparing current vs. baseline
  • Measuring performance by using EVM metrics such as SVI, CVI, CPI, SPI, ETC, VAC, TCPI, etc.
  • Guiding, assisting, and controlling customers’ projects schedules as technical adviser and mentor
  • Reviewing, checking, and correcting various project schedules for baseline approval or claims
  • Helping customers to build project schedules as required in regulations
  • Lecturing and delivering hands on training courses for Oracle Primavera P6 as a certified instructor
  • Training project managers and engineers with role/case studies in Primavera P6 (basic & advanced level)
  • Teaching Earned Value Management techniques, expressing best practices with simplified examples
  • Determining more than one critical path by using detailed multiple total/free float paths technique
  • Performing what-if analysis on project schedule with CPM tools and techniques
  • Teaching Earned Value Management, expressing best practices with examples

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Who is Akim Engineering

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AKIM Engineering Oracle Gold Partner

At AKIM Engineering, our trainers are teachers and practitioners – all active in their respective fields. We can offer tailored and relevant trainings. We have delivered Primavera trainings for almost 11.000 of Individuals and more than 700 companies as well as supported largest projects for well over a decade.

Client Testimonials About AKIM Engineering LLC

I have been searching for Oracle Partner who is specialized on Primavera with proven expertise for long time! Now I've found it! It's a pleasure to work with AKIM Engineering team.
Volkan Hat

Renaissance Construction, PMO Director

AKIM Engineering and Oracle Primavera Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it very important to work with Oracle Primavera Specialized Company?

Primavera helps Customers manage their entire project portfolio lifecycle. Primavera’s best-in-class solutions provide the project execution and control capabilities needed to successfully deliver projects on time and within budget. Oracle partners who achieve this Expertise are differentiated in the marketplace through proven proficiency in Primavera P6 EPPM.

What does "Oracle Gold Partner" means?

That means you are in the right place to look for Oracle Primavera license, trainings, and consulting service. Oracle Gold Partners are accredited and officially recognized as representative of Oracle. Oracle Partners follow Oracle's global standards and precedures. Please remember that not all Oracle Partners are specialized on Primavera either.

Does "Engineering and Construction Industry Specialization" make any difference?

This specialization is awarded by Oracle to only limited number of companies like AKIM Engineering who has successfully achieved all requirements. It proves that AKIM Engineering & Consulting company has done many Primavera implementations and Primavera trainings for Construction and Engineering clients with great satisfaction rates as reference so far.

Are your trainers PMP certified? What are your instructor’s qualifications?

YES, our trainers are PMP certified (since 2008). We are also delivering PMP (Project Management Professional) test preparation courses as well. Our instructors are professional engineers focused on working as Primavera P6 Schedulers and planners and have over 20 years of experience in the field, and certified primavera implementation specialist by Oracle.

What types of Primavera trainings do you provide?

We do provide online, open in-class public, and on-site company specific Primavera trainings. Due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), our classroom-based training is being delivered online. AKIM Engineering holds regular open classroom training in different location, as well as online classes every month. Our P6 training options are designed to teach project management and planning theory according to PMI methodologies as well as practice, with a live instructor, hands-on course. If you are interested in a private class just for you or your team, please contact us directly to learn more.

Do you provide free Oracle Primavera P6 software Demo installation for training?

YES. The latest version of Primavera P6 (without any functional limitation) will be installed on all trainees’ computers for educational purpose. It will include sample training projects and case studies as well. Primavera P6 will be available on user computers for 3 months to practice. After 90 days of the Primavera training, P6 software will be expired.

Am I going to receive any official certificate?

YES. We are going to award you an official successful completion of “Project Management with Oracle Primavera Training” certificate in English which is sealed and signed by Oracle Gold Partner. (%70 pass score required at exam)  

Is your online Primavera courses are live?

YES. It is delivered %100 live. The instructor also will be online during Primavera course and ready to answer all your questions. Live presentation and primavera demonstration is led by live trainers and his screen and voice simultaneously are shared with all attendants through online training platforms such as zoom, webex, TeamViwer, Blizz etc.. Our online training options are affordable and require no travel for you or your employees. Each month, one of our senior schedulers and instructors hosts a virtual online Primavera P6 course.  

Can I have focused one-to-one (private lessons) that is designed only for me?

YES. For intermediate or advance students, we offer custom private Primavera training options so we can deliver the Primavera subjects and functionality skills that you need most and lessons are scheduled for your preferred days and times depending on your busy schedule. Since you will be the only attendants, Primavera training and learning will be more effective, comprehensive, intense, and usually shorter than public group trainings. One-to-one trainings give trainees opportunity to ask more questions and enables more participation. Our instructors are available to go on site, or host live virtual classes. Custom one-to-one courses can be anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days depending on your needs, and the Primavera course materials, example projects, and case studies are defined based on a recommendations after carefully evaluating your level with one of our instructors. For more information on custom private one-to-one Primavera training options please reach out to us.  

Do you also deliver onsite group training for us in our office?

YES, our instructors can travel wherever you are. We are available on all around the world in order to deliver training or consulting service. We can also offer custom tailored Primavera training that suits your requirements instead of regular curriculum.  

Whats is difference between online and in-class trainings?

No difference at all. Same topics and contents are taught. Same original certificate is also awarded. The only difference is that you do not meet the Primavera instructor in person. Due to Corona Virus (Covid-19) and international travel restrictions, we do strongly recommend online live trainings in these days.  

I dont have any experience, can I join Primavera training?

YES. Prior experience is not required. We do not only teach Primavera but also basics of project management as well as fundamentals of planning techniques. So, Primavera training also covers the subjects such as project planning theory, concept of critical path method, and earned value management principles.  

Do you also provide self-paced on demand training too?

YES. There is also another online P6 training option, which is hands-on and self-paced Primavera P6 basic course. This course is based on our virtual instructor led course and designed to allow students to complete on their own time and watch & practice again in anytime. The course provided through our intuitive learning management system and is broken up into lectures and exercises. The exercises allow students to experience P6 in their web browser as they were working on Primavera software through guided software simulations, which keeps students focused on the material. The course includes a final exam and a downloadable certificate of completion as well.  

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